Daily tasks for Instagram

To increase your brand awareness and followers for your Instagram channel, below are some easy to do (and also easy not to do) tasks that we recommend you action each day:

  1. Create one post each day, preferably using your own content but if you find another post on Instagram that is relevant to your brand then you can re-post.  Schedule your posts if you have content in advance.
  2. Add a new Instagram story relevant to your channel, this can give your channel the potential to reach more Instagram users.
  3. Research the hashtags that are popular for your industry, location and audience and then use them for all your posts. Also add in new ones if its relevant to your post. Try not to have too many hashtags as sometimes that can clutter your post.
  4. Reply to everyone who had responded to your posts and your direct messenger.
  5. Follow at least 5 other channels that have a similar audience that you would like to target.  Also comment on their channels whilst you’re there.
  6. Like or comment to at least 20 posts from the top hashtags that your channel is aligned with.
  7. Pay for ads to get more exposure if you have a budget.

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