What we have been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic

The last few months have been challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic, but motivating at the same time. We haven’t given up on the business and have decided to make the most of this uncertain time. Below are a list of things that have been ticked off:

  1. Contacted all our clients to see how we could help. Asked them about how their business was going and what we could do.
    • We offered free website and email updates of any COVID-19 messages so our clients could focus on their core business.
    • We offered discounts in implementing e-Commerce features for our clients’ website so they can get some sort of income during this challenging time.
    • We reviewed how much our clients were paying in hosting and domain and helped them saved some money in bills.
    • We monitored our client’s FB inbox for free.
  • Relocated to Perth. We’re now the new kids in the block offering digital marketing services in Perth. Note: we still offer our services for our Melbourne and interstate clients.
  • Networked with friends and colleagues in the industry and offered discounted projects.
  • Upskilled in our digital marketing services for SEO and Adwords. Ensuring we are always up-to-date with the latest trends and algorithms.
  • Referred some of our clients to each other. Our clients were able to benefit from each other.
  • Advertised on social media and other platforms. Even during this challenging time, digital marketing is crucial for the business. You just need to be smart about the budget and ROI.
  • Posted more frequently on Facebook. This is a cost-effective way to gain exposure to your business.
  • Read up on the latest news and kept up to date with the Government grants. We were able to let our clients know so they could get the help required. Spoke to our Accountant to get the Job Keeper grant.
  • Wrote up new content for the website to improve our SEO. Google “digital marketing agency perth” and we will one-day get to page 1, since we are new in Perth and ready to take on the competitor with other Perth digital marketing agencies. You might even notice the same keywords being added throughout this blog.
  • Organised our email – This is still not completed, but it’s on our to-do list! What we mean is that do all the stuff that you have been putting aside. This will make your business more efficient and ready to take on more when time comes.
  • Write more blogs. Blogs are highly beneficial for your digital marketing stradegy as it’s a great resource to share with your clients and it also helps with SEO. Win-win right?
  • Network with other businesses and get your B2B game on! We reached out to other medium digital marketing agencies and offered our services and partnership.
  • Applied for volunteering jobs in digital marketing. What a great way to give back to the community and keep busy!
  • Got creative, during stressful times its great to unwind and do some drawings. We sent them to our friends and one of them printed them as fridge magnets.
  • Helped our friends with their resume and cover letters. Good luck friends!
  • Mentored our friends in their career and business with our knowledge.
  • Watched lots of YouTube videos in digital marketing and read books.

There’s lots more that we did but we don’t want to bore you now. Take care and wishing you all well!

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